• Inspecting and evaluating your Hiring Documents / operational and technical side
  • Straining out synergy effects
  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Strategic and organizational Consultation
  • Administrative management and Project lead
  • Calculating the tender
  • Acquiring the offer and negotiating with Sub Contractors and manufacturers
  • Neutral evaluating of the offers
  • Optimized planning of Transportation, Operation and Circulation
  • Vehicle conception and evaluation
  • Maintenance and Service Concepts
  • HR
  • Conception of rail replacement service
  • Sales conceptions
  • Marketing conception
  • Service and Security conception
  • Text Editorial
  • Compiling the final Offer


While compiling the offer, we permanently exchange with you in order to be able to instantly react to any modified requirements of the Task leaders or the tender itself.

Whether you assign us to generate the offer to its full extend or just need our subservices, we will be very happy to create a customized offer to you.